Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 7, 2008

Reading People

I believe one of the most fascinating studies is that of human behaviour. When I was first introduced to the social sciences, via a short course in organisational theory and behaviour, it was a combination of fascination and depression. Fascinated that men and women over a hundred years ago studied human behaviour in such detail that pretty accurate predictions can be made to how they will react in given situations. Depressed for pretty much the same reason in that as much as we would like to think that we are different and unique, (we are minutely) we can be categorised generally.

I’ve been observing some time now the behaviour of one particular individual and I need the help of a professional to figure this one out. On the eve of Inshan Ishmael’s big rally I am still trying to put the pieces together of his diverse public faces. Last week I was taken by surprise when I read Guardian article saying that Inshan was pushing a unity movement between the COP and UNC with Ramesh as the leader. In the middle of this week we saw that the UNC MPs carded to attend the event – Ramesh, Jack and Vasant – all pulled out for various “given” reasons, but we all know that it’s Bas putting his feet down. Unity without Bas and under his conditions? Inshan, you had to be dreaming…

I’ll get back to the above later because this is really about Inshan. First heard about him when the Pre-Owned Automobile Dealers Association came into being or when there was a fiery protest at Bamboo Junction – can’t remember which – but I remember the protest. By sheer coincidence I had a meeting at the then Cable Communications (FLOW) on Richmond Street when he led a group of protesters to get his IBN channel into the cable line up. Hugely popular with a large viewership of his Breaking Barriers programme on Wednesday night, and I’ve looked at quite a few myself, yet I still can’t read his motives…

I’ve seen the empathy for the suffering, I’ve seen the passion for his country and his eventual frustration when he can’t get the population to care as much as he does, but sometimes the antics get to me… The psychological pressure he puts on people who does not agree with his views is blatant. (See my post on democracy – people are entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong they may be or how different they are to yours). There are certain people he cannot say a good word about – Harry Harnarine, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Esther LeGendre whose name he refuses to pronounce properly…

Now I can be honest and say up front that I’ve always said that Inshan has a political agenda. His alliance with the COP confirmed that no matter what he said about being not in it for any gain. When you are that involved with a political party, you are already in the midst of a political agenda. Then the COP did not win a seat and the inevitable convulsions had him distancing himself from that party. And I reach to where I started off – what was the original intention of this mass rally, not to highlight the dissatisfaction the general population has with the shortcomings of the present Government? What was the intention of inviting Ramesh, Jack, Vasant, Anand and Prakash – all people with a very high political profile? It will be deemed political… you can’t get away from it…

As I sit here now unable to show my support for the original intention (I am already out of the island for the weekend) I do however wish the rally all success. I hope that people come out in the tens of thousands if only to show our unfeeling Government that they’ve had enough. I just hope that the politicians that do show up and get a microphone in their hands look at the people if front of them and put their own agenda on hold…


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