Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 30, 2008

Day In, Day Out…

Since Wednesday morning, after hearing the 6 o’clock news of the murder of an 8 year old child, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. (I did not get a chance to listen to any news on Tuesday night, so I was trying to get up to speed on my way to work the following morning). Day in day out in the killing fields of Trinidad it never changes… You know that at the beginning of any newscast you are going to get a body count, but when it was confirmed that a body was found and identified as this missing child – whose picture I saw on the televised news – it made me feel physically sick.

But it got worse later that night… I switched to see Inshan Ishmael on IBN TV8 and he was showing a video clip of the undertakers removing the bodies of the murdered couple in Enterprise and in the background you are hearing the gut-wrenching female scream, “Daaadyyy!” Imagine seeing two expressionless workers carrying a body covered in a blood soaked sheet and hearing the murdered man’s daughter screaming for him in the background – a call that will never be answered for the rest of her life… I am writing now and the tears still well up and the hair on my arms raise as it did on Wednesday night. Only IBN has the guts to show the real trauma of the living. The other news programmes have a sanitised version and a tendency to push the camera up the interviewee’s nostrils, not to show the pain so much, but to blank out the surroundings.

I have a daughter and I can only imagine that if it was me covered in a blood soaked sheet – there will be no difference in the scream… Likewise, if it was her found like a discarded doll in an abandoned cane field, God knows if the Earth will shake that day. I agree with Martin Daly when he describes our leaders as “these unfeeling politicians”.

The amount of blood shed since this Government’s watch, I am sure, can turn the Savannah from brown to red. And if Patrick and his charming wife Hazel happen to glimpse it from their palace to the north they may feel not a morsel of remorse or pity except for the grass…

George Gissing in his 1901 book, “By the Ionian Sea” had said, “In the days to come, man will lord it over his fellow, and the earth will be stained red from the veins of the young and old. That sweet sounding name of PATRIA becomes an illusion and a curse“.

(The Latin ‘patria‘ and the related Greek ‘patris‘ for father is typically translated into English as “fatherland“. Frightening coincidence how close it is to “Patrick” who anointed himself as “Father of the Nation”)

Unfeeling politicans… No sympathy for the dead and no empathy with the living.  



  1. Well said. This little girl has been in our thoughts.
    I wonder if she has entered the minds of Patrick Manning and his Ministers? Perhaps only as a statistic.

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