Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 28, 2008

The Power Of Words

I’ve always been fascinated about the way words, whether written or spoken, can influence and inspire. The people I look up to are, first and foremost, great writers and speakers. That skill to put one’s thoughts clearly into writing is one I try every day to grasp. The ability of a great orator to hold his audience mesmerised by his words is a sight to behold. But as in all good things, people have seen what the power of words can do, and have used it for evil. History is filled with people who have used their skill and ability to manipulate and brainwash others into doing things suited to their agenda rather than the general good. I’ll try and stick with the good side today – to inspire and influence…

In the Bible (King James Version) John 1:1 said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and Word was God”. I got an interesting lesson from these words put forward by a great orator and teacher – Jim Rohn. He’s one of the many influences in my life and this particular excerpt from one if his lectures is my personal favourite:

“Good words that can affect your life is so valuable… Words have almost the power of God… In the beginning (Genesis 1:3) God said, “let there be light”, and there was light. (Note to make: seems like God’s words create light).  Some will say that’s God’s words, but what about humans? The note is, humans can get very close… What if someone can’t see how they can be successful and you come along and tell them your story choosing the best words that you can? And when you finish, they say, now I can see… So the key phrase, “the light of sight and the light of insight are so valuable for a human being.

If you can create the light of insight , someone might say, “before I met you, I was blind, now I can see… before I met you, there didn’t seem to be a way, now there’s a way… before I met you, I was in the dark, and while you were talking, some things dawned on me…” Is that possible? To speak to another person have the “sun come out” in their life? Sun of their consciousness, their awareness? The “lights go on” as we say? Amazing possibilities… Powerful…

That’s why I do lectures. The same lights that went on for me… When I was introduced to things like: profits are better than wages; success is something you attract by the person you become; for things to change, you must change; for things to get better, you must get better… Those words illuminated my life. Some of them gave me a track to run on… some of them gave me a code to live by… some of them gave me a philosophy to refine the one I had before… They opened up a whole new world for me and finally brought me here – to this point in my life.

It’s extraordinary what words can do… Words can be food nourishing the mind. Here’s what also possible by words – to help people see themselves better than they are. By words you can transport people back to learn from their experiences and by words you can transport people forward to see themselves successful; see themselves enjoying the richness of their lives. They can see themselves in charge and releasing the productivity of others…

To really help our children, we need to help them see themselves as they are… Not leave them there, but to see  themselves better. Here’s what the prophet said: “words are like a lamp for your feet so you can see where you walk…” Then he said: “words are like a light for your pathway…” See where you can go… having purpose, goals, objectives…”

These words have had such an impact on my life, I use the lesson to ensure that I speak to everyone in a specific manner. I hope they also have some effect on your life too as that’s the essence of my blog – to reach people via words.

(Hope that Jim gets enough referrals here so that he wouldn’t be too upset for me sharing, for free, what people pay to hear)



  1. I discovered this blog when the firing of Keith Rowley exploded in the media and I have been following the commentary of Nasty Little Truths since that time.

    I feel inspired and hopeful that there are people in this country who not only have a love of words and language as I do but use this skill to bring about much needed change.

    Consequently I’ve started a blog at WordPress.
    Thanks to this blogger the power of words can create a positive ripple effect!

  2. Thanks for your kind words but great news that you decided to write too!
    Wordpress should continue to be commended for allowing us this opportunity.
    Send me a link to your blog when it’s up and running and I will surely visit.

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