Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 20, 2008

Skyscraper Syndrome

Doing some research recently in Hansard (the official publication of TnT Parliament) I was somewhat disturbed that the cover page of their web site was a blatantly doctored picture.

This had to be approved by someone, I would guess, rather than left to the whim or creative licence of the web site designer. Here you have, according to our constitution at least, the most powerful forum in the land but apparently suffering from Skyscraper Syndrome as our beloved PM.

If you stand in Woodford Square (this extremely clean and somewhat treeless version) and face west towards the Red House, there is no tall building to the back – especially one that looks suspiciously like Nicholas Towers! Powergen’s chimney stack yes, but this?

Is the tall structure going to be the new parliament after Patrick takes over the Red House? I should ask Michael J Williams. He’s been keeping this issue alive in case the general public forgets Patrick’s burning desire to occupy that particular house.


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