Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 14, 2008

What I Said…

as opposed to what I mean…

For those amongst us, who knew DOS in the olden days of computing before Windows, do you remember “wysiwyg” – “what you see is what you get”? Listening to the news since Monday evening about what our Prime Minister said at his breakfast meeting (the Newsday reported it as a partisan crowd consisting of PNMites), I believe a new acronym should be coined for, “what I said is not what I meant”.

But before I go on, I must share what I thought is the answer to the age old question of why some people can be baffled by BS. Hint – they are not paying attention! The mystery is solved… prepare to be amazed when you do the little exercise at this site:

Can it be this easy to manipulate people? Well I know that there is no voice over and all that, but is there some way that those who speak to us are really using psychology to make us think differently?Well marketeers and advertisers have always been accused of using subliminal messaging to manipulate consumers, so who are politicians for using it on the electorate?

I wish I could get transcripts of all speeches just to have fun with it…

PM said, “free enough to ensure that they achieve their mandate”.

PM meant, “unbridled authority to do as they please”.

PM said, “the public had no need to fear any abuse of authority”.

PM meant, “not interested in you, only the Treasury”.

PM said, “whatever arrangements we put in place are meant, of necessity, take into account the need to give individuals who have responsibility for execution, the requisite authority”.

PM meant, “authority without responsibility”.

PM said, “UdeCoTT is not operating on its own. UdeCoTT is really the major agency through which the Government is seeking to bring about new arrangements in the construction sector”.

PM meant, “All of us are involved. We are using them to bring the local construction industry to its knees and indirectly export money”.

PM said, “As we seek to change the established order in the construction sector, there is resistance from those who feel the status quo must be preserved”.

PM meant, “do not question what we do, just accept it”.

In a future post, I will give actual verbatim from a Joint Select Committee (this is public record and available) that was sent to me just to give an idea of how ineffectual they are.


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