Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 6, 2008

Government’s Role

In keeping with the vein of the last posts, before my diversion, (we ended with uprising and rebellion) I want to introduce you to a rarely known and hardly ever stated role of Governments:

“…one of the roles of governments is to protect the rich from the poor and vice versa”

The simplest way I explain this to people, without sounding like a revolutionary, is in business and monetary terms. Whereas Governments have made interventions to protect the poor from the rich in certain areas – open markets have more competition so prices go down and choices are wider; consumer rights and other laws (remember the days of “no return, no refund”?) – what has our government done to protect the rich from the poor?

I’ve noted in recent times the tendency of Government spokesmen to blame the business community for any perceived gouging or unfair pricing practices. This is treading dangerous ground and the business chambers have been up in arms protesting vigorously so as not to put their members to any undue risk. (Remember what happened when Mugabe gave his supporters free reign to seize and occupy white Zimbabweans’ farms?) And if you listen carefully, it’s the neophytes speaking showing their inexperience and a naivete about who really pulls the strings in politics.

But are the moneyed elite in Trinidad at risk from any uprising from the poor? I see how the arms of the state, especially the police, treat the poor and I can state unequivocally that the rich have nothing to fear. I remember with distaste some judgments handed down by our courts to rich and poor and the startling difference is indicative of where the bias lies. Anyone remembers the Amoroso and Brad Boyce trials? I would venture to say that they are quite safe.

The larger issue here is if we accept the Government’s descriptions of the real money men as “captains of industry” or as parasites feeding on a host (the market) until there is no more to take. When taken into consideration that every one of them has an exit strategy in the very likely event things go south, it is easier to think which group they fall into…

When you see the few who gives back as much as they take, however, it really is a marked difference. They accept, unlike the majority, that they are nothing without labour to support their businesses. They also have a clearer understanding that their support of communities result in a happier, more educated and overall better workforce for they themselves to tap into. I have no compassion for businesses who will not do on-the-job-training and apprenticeships but will headhunt any skill they require. Their motto is, “let someone else train them and we will take them after”. They are the true parasites and, unfortunately, I know too much of them.

They come from north, south, east, west and central. They come from overseas even… All to feed like pigs at the trough called our Treasury, but at the expense of the patrimony of TnT citizens and their children.


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