Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 5, 2008

No Hope?

I have to make a diversion off my current topic based on today’s story with Ken Valley and his hope that Keith Rowley takes up the challenge to contest Patrick for leadership of the PNM next month.

Two worries: All of a sudden my only hope, the party, seems to have gone into hiding. Remember every Sunday night on the news we saw a very sage looking John Donaldson giving a press briefing on the deliberations of General Council? Where are they now? Nothing to say since the Rowley firing?

Second, we have to read between the lines and remember that the PNM voting system is based on delegates and not one man-one vote. As a matter of fact after the last fiasco with the UNC/Ramesh/Deputy Political Leader affair, Patrick was on record for saying that it just shows that a one man-one vote system was not in the best interest of political parties. Hmmm… does he have the executive elections all sewn up already that’s why he was brave enough to cut Rowley? It is quite possible that the Machiavellian plans were put in place long before now.

Keith comments last week was instructive though when pressed for an answer on if he will fight for the post: “everyone encourages you to buy big belly horse but no one helps you to cut grass when the place dry”. Fight or die Keith. There is no future in the back benches. Contest the post, and if you lose at least you can say you tried to save us and we didn’t heed the call. Don’t only use the UdeCoTT issue to remove yourself from public life. That’s small fry compared to this battle… money versus morality.


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