Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 2, 2008

Road Trip!

Well it turned out to be more of a “country ride”, but this was the post that should have gone up since Wednesday.

Two weeks ago when I was trying to explain my tagline on this blog I mentioned Rio Claro, so when I had the opportunity to visit on Wednesday, I planned an alternative route to return to north. Headed in to Rio the normal way: down the highway until the Tarouba turn-off, into the Naparima-Mayaro Road, into Daisy Road, to the Tasker Road and back onto the Naparima-Mayaro via Buen Intento so I can bypass the Princes Town traffic.

Well as usual driving into Rio from here onwards is more less uneventful. A couple bad spots on the road, but generally easy enough. (My car rides like a truck so I can hit the rough spots a bit harder than most softer suspension cars). Coming back was when things got exciting! Planning to pass through Tabaquite – a route I haven’t seen in 15 years – the first thing I did was take a wrong turn. Forgot that it was the San Pedro Road I was to take on my way out of Rio and ended up taking the Torrib-Tabaquite Road. In other words, I went where I never went before…

Okay, hit Busy Corner (when pray tell was this everbusy?) and turned left into Sister’s Road. And while some of it was decent enough, when I hit the “bush”, it became 4-wheel drive country. As I have mentioned before, tall buildings in PoS makes the neglect here even more difficult to swallow. For a fraction of the money expended to glorify oneself and satisfy the the ever-increasing ego, so many lives could have been made better. I have always said too that the North Americans understood decades, or even centuries ago, that once you can quickly and efficiently move goods and people, development will surely follow. Have you seen these people build roads? It’s like they never have enough. Always extending, widening, upgrading…

So back to Sister’s Road… At one point it got so narrow you could have sworn that you were driving through someone’s yard. Some guy had his old trucks and equipment scattered all over the edge of the roadway on both sides that it lookedas if you were going through his private property. That guy the booby prize of the day. And just before we came out to the Guaracara-Tabaquite Road, we got a pleasant shock. Rising out of the humble homes that surround it, the Triveni Mandir. A place I never knew existed. So much for a wrong turn!





Front View

Front View


Front Close-up

Front Close-up


 That was worth the wrong turn so it made me at least feel less like an idiot. Continuing on I saw the entry to the Piparo mud volcano but had to bypass that. Turned into Tabaquite just up to the entrance to Navet Damas this village is what I wanted to see after 15 years. (Of course could not miss the amusing “Office of the MP of Tabaquite” dab smack opposite of Ramlogan’s Shop :-) )  Dreaded the last leg of the trip though Brasso, Flanagin Town, Caparo, Longdenville and out Chaguanas. Drove through here a couple of weeks ago and the roads are bad. Again I probably travelled 90 odd kilometres from when I turned in to Torrib-Tabaquite Road and more than 50% was in a poor state.


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