Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 29, 2008

Ignorance IS Bliss

With a pounding headache, blurry eyes, upset stomach and all the other ills attached to a hangover, I am trying to justify drinking myself to a drunken stupor on Sunday – first time in over a decade I think… Well, stupor hasn’t been confirmed as yet – still need to get feedback if I behaved stupid :-)

I think I went out with the intention to get drunk – if only to stop my bloody brain from thinking too much while I was there. And that’s the thought behind the subject… When you know that on the other side of the fence is much better, can you be happy staying on your side? If you read a lot and expose yourself as much as possible to what exists outside of your immediate world, can you remain within those confines, or do you get restless and anxious to move on?

I am reminded of the line in Die Hard 4 when the young hacker muttered that if another guy knew half of what he did, his head would explode. But your brain won’t explode with too much information, it’s what the information does to your thought processes. You think differently, you act differently – you end up a totally different person because of this new information you have. And that’s my problem, (is it a problem?), I want it all. There’s so much information out here – of course you have to separate the wheat from the chaff – but you still end up with tons of things to read and see.

I am reminded of the popular Calvin and Hobbes comics when Calvin was waxing about how difficult it is to make a decision when you know too much and being a man of action he prefers to stay ignorant. And it’s true, the more you know about something the mores shades of grey is seen – nothing is in black and white or clear-cut anymore. Talk about paralysis by analysis…

But my head hurts after two days and the only other good piece of information/lesson learnt is not to drink too much alcohol again. My issues are still there to be sorted out when I’m all done.


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