Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 26, 2008

PNM – The Only Hope

I missed a post yesterday – a lot of time was required to come out of the heaping mound of lies and fabrications that flew fast and furious at the PM’s briefing on Thursday. Intended to explain his reasons for firing Rowley, the PM ended up feeding the fire of indignation even more.

Let me state again what I wrote on my last blog before starting this one – we deserve every bit of contempt tossed at us by our politicians. Everyone knew what Patrick and the PNM was about, and everyone knew what Panday and the UNC was about – yet they still voted them back into Government and Opposition respectively. Kudos to the 148,000+ people who knew better. You and you alone do not deserve the the contempt. The other 800,000+ people who voted PNM, UNC and who didn’t bother to vote – what can I say? I am a true advocate of democracy… Our system says that the PNM won and that’s the way it is. And yes, as much as I don’t like Patrick, he is my Prime Minister.

So what next for the “Great Is The PNM And It Shall Prevail” party? I say that the PNM is the strongest party in Trinidad and it is the only bastion saving us from full dictatorship. We have to depend on the party to take cognisance of the fact that they can remain lawfully in power until the end of time if they rein in Patrick. He wants to stay perpetually in power by subversive means and remain protected from the citizenry by his private army based now in Wallerfield, but if the party acknowledges this and take action, it won’t happen.

The answers to all of Patrick’s decisions pre and post the 2007 elections are in the Ellis Draft Constitution. If you haven’t read it go to Chapter 3, Sections 41- 48

Pay particular attention to how a President is appointed and it becomes crystal clear why weaklings who are indebted to Patrick are preferred as MPs instead of independent and outspoken ones. Valley, Hinds, Camille, Bereaux, Rahael ring any bells. Wake up PNM General Council, Patrick is not the PNM unless you make him so.



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