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The End For Rowley?

Breaking news! Keith Rowley fired as a Government Minister? I have to get more news at 7:00 pm. No word from Whitehall as to the reason…

 Apparently it had a lot to about this infamous email that has been circulating for a while now:

I have just received this by email. I do not propose to check the
veracity and accuracy of the contents since I have no way of so doing;
but wherever there is such serious allegation, there must be some
truth. Perhaps you have also been sent this email; whatever, this is
an explosive “time bomb” just waiting to be detonated.

D.O.B. : JUNE 11TH 1945
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1962 – 1966
Worked for the city Government of Ottawa. He was about to be fired for
incompetence, insolence, lack of integrity and insubordination when he
left for Trinidad on the invitation of Mr. Andre Monteil, a senior
executive with CLICO, his former class mate.

He claims to have studied at MIT for his MBA – to date this cannot be
confirmed irrefutably. He cannot remember his lecturers, names and they
cannot remember his. He claims to have studied at the
Sloan Business
School at MIT in 1969. No one remembers him. He claims to have worked
for the city Government of Toronto as a town planner. This cannot be

Chairman of UDECOTT
Chairman, CEO and Managing Director of the Trinidad & Tobago Mortgage
and Finance Co. (TTMF)
Chairman of NIPDEC
Chairman of NIB.
(Many staff members of the above institutions say that Mr. Hart is a
very unpleasant person to work with.)
CITIZENSHIP: Canada and Trinidad & Tobago
MARRIAGE STATUS: Married three times. Presently he is married to a
Malaysian Chinese woman, Su-Hua Lee, a former Call-Girl and child
prostitute from the age of 12 years old. She claims to have attended
University in Canada but her level of English and Chinese is about
Primary School, Standard Two level. She cannot read or write Chinese.

Mr. Hart’s first two wives are still alive and have never remarried.
They are still being supported by Mr. Hart. He has five children. Two
are mentally challenged, Ross now 21 and Ling Lee now 7. His both
sons, Chase and Ross, for his second wife, Sandra, are apparent drug
users. Chase apparently failed a drug test when applying for a holiday
job with the Ministry of National Security of the Government of T&T, a
few years ago. He attended his father alma mater in Canada and now
works in a government Institution in Port of Spain.

Mr. Hart has received five apartments in the Woodbrook One Complex
from Mr. Fifi, the CEO of Home Construction Ltd., a subsidiary of the
CLICO group of companies, for favours done. He recently sold two
apartments there for TT dollars each. He subsequently
bought a damaged sail boat in New Orleans, USA, that was damaged by
Hurricane Katrina for about 1 million US that was refurbished in a
boat yard in Venezuela, not far from Trinidad. The sailing boat, CHINA
DOLL DL 8607-Z, is now moored at Crews Inn, Chaguaramas, in the
Western Peninsula of the island, just in front of the restaurant and
is still undergoing light repairs. He also owns houses in
Park and in the Tobago Plantations – now under construction by 30
Chinese workmen of the Zhe-Jiang Ningbo Construction Group Co. Ltd.,
who’s Managing Director, Mr. Yuan Yong, is the brother in law of Mr.
Yin Dan the Managing Director of China Jiangsu Construction Company.

Mr. Hart’s home at 6 De Lima Road in Cascade was refurbished for FREE
by workmen from Mr. Yin Dan’s company. It is interesting to note that
it is Mr. Yin Dan’s Company that recently won a major construction
contract to build the University of Trinidad & Tobago at Wallerfield.

Mr. Yin Dan’s who lives in Westmoorings South is now seen driving
around in a brand new present model Black BMW X5, SUV, PBE 187. On a
recent visit to Malaysia Mr. Hart and his wife bought a very expensive
high end home in a very upscale area in the capital and has invested
heavily in a plastic toy factory there that is run by Mrs. Hart’s
SOEH CHING LEE – D.O.B. 16th March 1966
Mailing Address: Elite Visage SDN.BHD., 20 Jalan Awana 14, Taman
Cheras, Batu 71/2 Cheras, 43200, N. SELANGOR, Malaysia. FAX: 603 9074
8199 EMAIL:

It is alleged that Mr. Hart has received kickbacks from most of the
owners of the properties that the UDECOTT has purchased. His wife has
confided in her close friends that the Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick
Manning gets 60% of monies thus received. She has recently boasted
that her husband received so far $8 million US from Shanghai Group
International Construction Company. She has also boasted that her
husband has been able to put away more than 100 million US dollars for
the Prime Minister. She also now drives a brand new Dark Green BMW,
PCB 338 that is the property of UDECOTT.

IT was recently disclosed in Parliament by an opposition MP, Mr. Ganga
Singh that MR. Hart’s friend, Mr. Andre Monteil was responsible for
the purchase of 110 million TT dollars in shares in the Home Mortgage
Bank where Mr. Monteil is Chairman. An investigation is underway.

There are several expensive pictures in Mr. Hart’s residence in
Cascade that are owned by the State. The pictures were removed by Mr.
Hart from his offices at the Financial Complex. They are the works of
a well known deceased artiste, who sold his works through Mr. Peter
Quan of On Location Art Galleries Limited at the FALLS Shopping Mall
in Westmoorings.

The present Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Huang Xing,
who is not liked at all by most of the Chinese Embassy staff, is
assisting Shanghai Group International by collaborating with Mr. Hart
to get more contracts. Mr. Hart erroneously presented himself as a
Trinidad & Tobago Government Minister on his recent visit to China.
The Ambassador also erroneously informed the Chinese Ministry of
Foreign Affairs that Dr. Ken Julien and Mr. Hart were Government
Ministers in the Trinidad and Tobago Government.

Mr. Hart and his wife were not scheduled to be on the Government
delegation and their presence was very disturbing to several high
ranking Trinidad & Tobago Government Officials. It is alleged that Mr.
Hart has given the Chinese Ambassador monetary and expensive gifts.
The Chinese Government is on a rigorous drive to stamp out corruption
and have Executed more than 4000 Government officials in 2006 for
receiving bribes or misappropriating government funds.

Apparently China State Construction and China Import and Export Bank
have decided not to do any business with this present administration
after their meeting with Mr. Hart, Dr. Ken Julien and Dr. Lenny Saith
in Beijing. Mr. Hart has received some very stern correspondence from
the Ministry of Planning and Development in recent times. He has been
very disrespectful to the Minister and is always trying to undermine
her authority. He is also the subject of an investigation by
Transparency International. He is now seen posing in a new previous
model Black BMW X5, SUV, PCA 388 that is the property of one of his
wife’s companies. Apparently this company has received substantial
assistance from Mr. Lian Zhi Hui (Fai of Fai’s Chinese Restaurant in
Tunapuna, T&T, Mr. Ou Zhou Feng of Cantonese Kitchen in St. James T&T
and the Shanghai Construction Group.

Mr. Han Wen formerly of the Trade Department of the Chinese Embassy is
now working for China Railway 18th Bureau (Group) Corporation Ltd., of
Luilin, Hexi District, Tianjin 300222, People’s Republic of China.
EMAIL: WEBSITE: in their local
office. The President of the Company, Mr. Yang Yugang recently visited
Trinidad on the invitation of Mrs. Sherrine Lee Hart through Mr. Her
Dong of the Chinese Embassy to hold talks with a view of getting a
construction sub-contract with the Consortium that was going to get
the contract to build the Light Rail Project. Mr. Yang and his team
had an afternoon meal at Crews Inn after visiting the Pitch Lake at La
Brea with Mr and Mrs. Hart and were taken aboard Mr.Hart’s sailboat,
China Doll.

Mrs. Hart has confided in close friends that she has asked Mr. Yang
for 10% of his possible contract sum with the consortium. She said
that Mr. Yang balked at her request but he did not make a commitment.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Manning has informed the public of
Trinidad and Tobago that the Light Rail Project is expected to cost
around 3 Billion US dollars and should be finished by 2012.

Mr. Her Dong is now frequently seen in the company of Mrs. Hart in the
dark green BMW 5 series that belongs to UDECOTT.

BORN IN MALAYSIA, PENANG on the 31st March 1960 as SU-HUA LEE (3rd
wife of Calder Hart – a Canadian citizen now residing in Trinidad &
Tobago, West Indies.)

She ran away from home and became a Child Prostitute from age 12. She
eventually lived in Canada and Africa Liberia before coming to
Trinidad in 1997 via the International Red Cross as a refugee and as a
guest of Shaheed Khan, who it is alleged she married and whom she met
in Toronto, Canada, whilst working as a Call Girl. She lived with Mr.
Khan in Fairways, Maraval in a rented apartment.

She met Mr. Hart at a Central Bank Cocktail Party and began visiting
his office whilst she was living with Mr. Khan. After Mr. Khan found
out about the relationship he asked Immigration Authorities to deport
Su-Hua Lee. Mr. Khan almost had a complete mental breakdown. He was
accused of stalking Mrs. Hart and was warned by Police.

Mr. Hart was immediately informed by his friends at the Immigration
Department and he later flew out of Trinidad with Mr. Khan’s alleged
wife, to the Bahamas where she got a divorce and married Mr. Hart.
Several years later she bore him a girl child, now 7 years old, called
Ling Lee Hart, who goes to Maria Regina Catholic Prep School on
Abercromby Street in the capital city of Port of Spain and who suffers
from Attention Deficit Disorder. As a result she is a slow learner.
Neighbours say Mr. Hart is frustrated by her condition and sometimes
treats her very badly. Neighbours also say that there are periodic
“CUSS FEST” between Mr. Hart and his wife and between his two sons,
Chase and Ross. They cannot believe that Mr. Patrick Manning’s ‘Blue
Eye’ boy and his family are such reprobates.

Mrs. Hart’s father, a well known communist insurgent was held under
the Malaysian internal security act for criminal activities that
almost led to the destabilization of Southeast Asia. He was also known
to be a human trafficker and known to operate prostitution rings in
Macau and Thailand which funded the guerrilla movement in Malaysia and
neighbouring Thailand.

His daughters, like most of his colleague’s children siblings and
wives served as comfort women to the insurgents.

He abandoned Mrs. Hart’s mother and her children when the children
were still very young. He left the family very destitute. Mrs. Hart
ran away from home at the early age of 12.

Mrs. Hart worked at a Hardware Store called Nagib Elias and Company
Ltd., at Charlotte Street, Port of Spain. At that time she called
herself Mrs. Khan. She worked for a brief period wearing her infamous
short dresses, before she was fired for gross incompetence and
fraudulent credentials. She befriended several prominent Chinese
businessmen on Charlotte Street at this time and it is alleged that
she was sexually involved with them as well. Mr. Winston Wong of Wing
Sing Company is still a close ally from that period and funds many
parties that Mrs. Hart has had at her residence in Cascade.

Mrs. Hart claims that she has a degree in business from a University
in Canada and calls herself a Business Consultant. However
investigations show that she was never a student or a graduate of any
school of higher education in any part of the world.

Her command of Chinese and English are seriously in want. Her level of
spoken Mandarin is very mediocre and she cannot read or write either
language above post primary level, having neither attended Elementary,
Secondary or Graduate School although she has successfully been used
as a translator by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of T&T
without any examination for her competence.

She has acted as a translator to several visiting Chinese government
delegations to T&T, several companies including a multinational
Chinese Malaysia engineering and construction conglomerate with head
offices based in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia and China
State Construction and China Import and Export Bank in Beijing but to
the consternation of the local Chinese community in T&T who are aware
of her incompetence.

Mrs. Sherine Lee-Hart (wife of Calder Hart) has formerly an unholy
alliance with Micheal Zhang, local manager of Shanghai Group
International Construcion Company and the owner of Cantonese Kitchen,
next door to Linda’s Bakery on Western Main Road, St. James. She is
regularly seen at Mr. Zhang’s office/residence in Westmoorings.

Shanghai Group International has recently received construction
contracts worth 380 million US Dollars from UDECOTT, a government
agency where Mr. Hart is Chairman. The contracts did not go out for
tender, the normal process. His wife has confided in her close friends
that the Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Manning gets 60% of monies thus

She has recently boasted that her husband received so far 8 million US
Dollars from Shanghai Group International Construction Company. She
has also boasted that her husband has been able to put away more than
100 million US Dollars for the Prime Minister over the last 6 years.
A TRUST company in St. Lucia called TEGREMAN TRUST run by Dr. Jamie
Estaphan has been mentioned. Mrs. Hart has also confided in close
friends that she understands that the Minister of Works and Transport,
Mr. Colm Imbert has substantial savings in the same Trust.

Recently she had been receiving $83,000.00TT/ $13,175.00US per week
from Hafiz Karamat’s Construction Company, during the time the
Contractor was working on the Brian Lara Stadium at Torouba in
Trinidad. It has been estimated that she has thus received over $8
million of just about one and a half million US dollars. The
Contractor was subsequently fired for non performance.

Mrs. Hart is now seen everywhere, everyday driving a brand new dark
green 5 series BMW, PCB 338 that apparently belongs to UDECOTT. Mr.
Hart drives his wife’s company’s car, a new previous model black BMW
X5 SUV, PCA 388. The both vehicles were bought from Bavarian Motors on
Phillip Street in Port of Spain through the sales person, Mr. Peter
Figueira. The decision was made to switch the use of the vehicles
because Mrs. Hart had difficulty in seeing the road in front of her
from the BMW X5 because of her short stature.

The present Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago, Mr. Huang Xing,
recently returned to Beijing to answer questions pertaining to Mr.
Hart’s conduct during his trip to Beijing with Dr. Lenny Saith and
Professor Ken Julien, because it is he who invited Mr. Hart and his
wife specifically through Mr. Hart’s prompting. Mr Hart and his wife
were not scheduled to be on the Government delegation and their
presence was very disturbing to several high ranking Government
officials. It is alleged that Mr. Hart has given the Chinese
Ambassador substantial gifts.

Mrs. Hart is seen frequenting the Chinese Embassy at 39 Alexandra
Street and the Trade Department of the Chinese Embassy at
20 Elizabeth
Street in St. Clair, an upscale neighbourhood of Port of Spain, even
on Holidays. It is alleged that senior persons there assist Mrs. Hart
to carry out her nefarious activities.

The Trade Attache if the Embassy, Mr. Her Dong Yang, has a young
female relative who is now living in Mrs. Hart’s home in Cascade and
is frequently seen accompanying Mrs. Hart. Mrs. Hart has told everyone
that the young lady is a governess for her daughter, Ling Lee Hart and
also her Mandarin Chinese teacher. The Chinese Young Lady is supposed
to be in Trinidad as a student of English.

In diplomatic circles around the world this is definitely unacceptable.

Mrs, Hart is a known king pin in the business of smuggling Chinese
immigrants including construction workers and prostitutes from
mainland China, (with the help of Mr. Lian Zhi Hui – ‘Fai’ of Fai’s
Chinese Restaurant in Tunapuna and Mr. Ou Zhou Feng – ‘John’ of
Cantonese Kitchen in St. James), to Trinidad and Tobago where they
work their lives in horrible conditions and have to repay their
friends and relatives a minimum debt of $8,500.00 US Dollars
(TT$50,000.00) to get their resident permit and sometimes an illegal

There are now a visible and alarming number of Chinese prostitutes in
the major towns of T&T, working in massage parlours and Casinos. In
recent times some have been arrested and deported.

Some folks sure know how to revive careers amongst strangers.

Malaysia is unforgiving toward ex communist insurgents as they caused
the lives of thousands of Malaysian citizens throughout the 60’s to be
in absolute turmoil and especially unforgiving to former prostitutes
who now pose under a new cloak of respectability.

Mrs Hart can be reached for comment at her home in Cascade at 868 627
1428 and on her cellphone at 868 682 9189.




  1. DAMN!!!!!!!!! Are your sources good for this thing? Take care they track you down and try to manners you for dis you know…………WOW! That’s too much for everything to be false…….

  2. de triads making dey moves

  3. Maybe you should edit and remove mrs harts phone number at the end of the post

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