Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 21, 2008

An Enigma Called Kamla

Just as Hillary Clinton has made people come to terms with the fact that a woman can be the US President, can we make that leap here? Or did we already and were let down?

Women have acted as Prime Minister in TnT many times, (Kamla, Daphne, Joan), but if it was one who could have gone all the way, that is, won it by herself and not just as a temporary appointee, Kamla was the one. The question, however, is if we lost the opportunity through machinations of men (Bas, Jack and Ramesh) or through her own acquiescence. Her famous speech at Mid Centre Mall during last years campaign was full of double-speak and courage, but too late. We saw a woman who was destined for greatness but lost her appeal when she lost her courage in standing up to the evil trio.

Who can forget her performance as Opposition Leader while Bas was out of the House? As Judy Raymond said this weekend, listening to Kamla in Parliament is almost always a pleasure. “Fluent, grammatical sentences and has the facts, or at any rate, statements, at her fingertips. Confident and assured, she has polished the art of sounding completely convincing of whatever she says”. Unlike the others who can only snarl and repeat themselves ad nauseam in legalese, she should have been the leader.

Accepting Basdeo Panday as her leader, apparently until death do they part, has made her lose considerable support from the undecideds in the voters list. She seems to not have any opinion of her own but toes the party line meekly. Her own revered leader has said it himself that if he has to appoint someone as the leader of the party (in reference to Dookeran), they don’t deserve to lead. To lead you have to want it bad enough to get up and snatch it away from the holder of that office.

I think that as any small thing that changes the course of history, Kamla will be referred to in the same vein. If she had stood up to the abuse and walked out of the UNC-A last September/October, who  knows what the election results would have been. In the same way, she could have gotten support,she could have also lost it. The joke of the election camps was that if Bas died and Kamla got instructions via a dream, she would have faithfully followed it. So sad…

(I swear I did not know this, purely coincidental, but KPB celebrates her birthday on 04/22)



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