Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 20, 2008

What happened to us?

Martin Daly in his Sunday Express column hit it on the head today when he was quoting The Concept of Law: “there is no longer general obedience to the rules which are valid according to the criteria of validity in use in courts”. Whether its the thousands of drivers on the shoulder or Government Ministers flouting the rules (EMA as a prime example) to millionaire businessmen who deliberately construct and extend their stores and warehouses in contravention of Town and Country Planning, they are all no longer obeying the rules.

The part about “the simple breakdown of ordered legal control in the face of anarchy or banditry without political pretensions to govern” is strong language that leads to inevitably blaming the leadership of a country, but are they 100% responsible? In my experience it is us who are the ones to blame. We accept mediocrity in our “leaders” and then expect them to do everything for us like little children. But they are not the ones to get things done – it’s the various arms of the state staffed by Trinidadians, not foreigners

In my experience dealing with government and state bodies, our main problem is that we just don’t like to work. I have excuses, in writing, from various government bodies that defy logic but with one common conclusion – it’s not our responsibilty and if it was (hardly admitted) we don’t have enough staff to attend to your problem at this time. From Regional Corporations, to Office of the Ombudsman, EMA, Police… you name it, they can find an excuse for you. And they expect you to keep calling them day after day and when they finally break your spirit, they think that the problem is solved.

Yes people, we are in a failed state, not a failing state. If you think otherwise, try challenging me on the meaning.


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